Sunday, August 22, 2010

The New Name For Everything Sexy....

     We created this blog to let the world know about a term that has been misrepresented, misunderstood, avoided, and shoved in place away from societies eyes. But somehow... everything that is considered "unspeakable"... is still at the tips of everyone's tongue, take up the most thoughts of their minds, and all over the front of their publications. 

     In 2009, an inspiring entrepreneur seeking a new direction in business ran across the word in an old dictionary. After reading the definition, he thought about it for a while. For some reason he did not agree with definition. After further research, and locating the word in a more understandable, up-to-date dictionary. A dictionary free of the mindset of the people from America's early days. A dictionary, that actually makes since in today's time... The Urban Dictionary. He then realized that this word had a different meaning than what he was taught all his years. This new definition gave him an idea, that seemed to have been simply be looked over for years. 

Here is the real definition:
UnSpeakables:  [underwear], [bra], [panties]. Sometimes [sex toys]. 
Personal things that you usually wouldn't want your mother to find.

Bare Mentionable    
  • i.e, Playing truth or dare, I was forced to show my unspeakables.
  • i.e, She dropped her purse and her unspeakables fell out onto the ground.
By the support of only 200 fans, a little saved up money, and a winning business plan, the creator of what is now known as UnSpeakables, Ltd. Lingerie & Adult Superstore has given this word an entirely new taste in the mouth of the world. Now instead of a word that was used to describe horrific things and actions, the word unspeakables now understood as something sexy, forbidden, unknown, lustful, and tempting. It is now commonly used to describe things in a safe manner in front of a, lets say, a child perhaps. Try it, and it will click. Before you know it, it will replace a few other words in your vocabulary in a fun way.

Thank you for reading our blog, and learning about the creation of UnSpeakables, Ltd. Lingerie and Adult Superstore. We thank all of our friends, fans, our awesome customers, supporters, our non-profit organizations that we support and love, and all of you for allowing us to deliver something new, sexy, exciting and fun in your lives. 
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Mr UnSpeakables/ Owner